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Drawing Ideas for Kids #38 How to Draw a Monster in Less Than Two MInutes

This monster eats toenail clippings.   He isn't scary in the daylight, but, at night, he makes strange gurgling noises.  He kind of sounds like someone slurping a vanilla milkshake through a crazy straw. The good news is that he is super easy to draw.  Anyone who can write the word "drawing" can draw this creature in less than two minutes.  Try this drawing idea and then draw your own creature.  Try adding more stuff to your drawing like two mouths, a trunk and a baseball cap.   Rating: Super easy!

Drawing Ideas for Kids #122 How to Draw a Tree

If you are looking for a great drawing idea that will  help you create some fantastic pictures, try drawing trees.  The simple tips in this tutorial will show you how to turn one simple tree into an amazing forest in minutes.  Trees can be great stand alone drawings , but they are also super important for drawing drawing all kinds of backgrounds.

Drawing Ideas for Kids # 78 How to Draw a Face

Here is a drawing idea that will help you draw perspective.  It is an easy and fun drawing.  It will also help you learn how to draw cartoon faces.  One of my favorite things to draw are feet.  This will also show you how to draw a foot.  If you can write your name, you can draw amazing cartoons that will impress your friends.

Drawing Ideas for Kids #241 How to Draw the Thing That Lives Under My Couch

This thing lives under my couch.  He is cute, but he sometimes steals the remote and won't let me watch anything but infomercials.  He only comes out in the middle of the night if I feed him garbanzo beans.  He is easy to draw.   Here is a drawing idea: draw the creature that lives under your couch.

Easy Drawing How to Draw a Horse

You will eventually need to draw a horse.  If you are drawing cowboys pictures or farm scenes, being able to draw a horse comes in handy.  This is easiest  drawing tutorial ever.  You'll be able to create your own weird horses in minutes.  

Drawing Ideas for Kids #22 How to Draw Lips

A student was showing me some of his amazing drawings the other day.  He had created some fantastic creatures and some one-of-a-kind worlds.  You could see that he was unlocking a whole world of creativity.  I was blown away.   Drawing ideas for kids is about making drawing fun and carefree for kids.  Between the ages of 7-10, many students shut down artistically because they can't make realistic looking drawings, but art and drawings are needs.  Kids need an outlet for their creativity or it can dry up.  Drawing creatures and aliens is one way for students to have a more carefree attitude towards drawing.  Believe it or not, many students get scared of drawing when they are view themselves as unsuccessful at it.  These are ideas I use in the classroom that help get kids creating again. With students taking more and more tests, the need to keep their spirits alive with drawing is greater than ever.  Drawing Ideas for Kids are classroom tested ideas that get kids drawing ag

How to Draw a Tree # 30 Drawing Ideas for Kids

Trees are easy and fun to draw.  This quick tutorial is simple but it will help beginning artists learn to use the whole page to draw an amazing tree an then build up to drawing a forest. If you try to draw this picture, just be free and let the trees draw themselves.  Try three or four drawings to start getting your own drawing style going.  Steal the tips and then make your own amazing cartoon tree drawings. 

Drawing Ideas for Kids #901 How to Draw a Door

This drawing idea for kids is more of a silly joke.  In future posts, I will show you how to draw the glass in more detail.   Be careful!  The door is ajar.   I will show you how to draw real doors in another post.  Thank for visiting.  I hope you like this silly drawing idea.  Try it on your parents.  You might get a laugh. Pick a word with a double meaning and try to draw a picture about it.  Here's a drawing idea  to get you started: Can you draw a refrigerator running?

Drawing Ideas for Kids: How to Draw a Tree

In this tutorial, kids will get a great idea for drawing a tree.  This lesson will help kids draw a great cartoon gives step by step drawing techniques.  This fun "how to draw a tree" project will lead to many other great drawings for kids.  In minutes, you will be able to draw an amazing tree to impress your friends.  Enjoy this great art project for kids.