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Cool Drawing Ideas

If you can write your name, you can create cool drawings.  The drawing ideas on this page are failure-free and student tested.  Most of the drawing ideas can be done in less than two minutes, some of the drawings can be created in less than a minute. Students love these drawing ideas because it gets them started.  They are easy drawings, but they unlike the potential of the child.  Drawing is not about physical skill, after all, drawing a cartoon is no different than writing your name.  It is a bunch of circles, dots, squiggles and lines.  It is just seeing how those lines come together that is what helps kids to learn to draw and create.  These drawing lessons are meant to be doodled on paper.  You don't have to follow the tutorial exactly, that's why I took out the words.  Just watch and get a sense of how it works and then create.  When you find a drawing that you really like, spend more time adding details to that drawing.  Have fun with this cool drawing idea.

Cool Easy Things to Draw

There is nothing like being able to draw quickly to help build confidence in young artists.  This drawing idea is created in less than two minutes and it only involves drawing about 20 lines and squiggles.  It is super easy and by changing the size of the eyes or hair it can quickly turn into an original character that is a student's own creative inspiration. This is a good introduction to drawing cartoon faces.  Have fun with this drawing idea.