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Showing posts from February, 2013

Drawing Ideas for Kids #571: How to Draw a Hat House

In this super fun tutorial, we'll zip through how to draw a hat house.  This is a great lesson for kids.  It will help them come up with their own great house scenes.

Drawing Ideas for Kids #570: How to Draw an Island

In this video, kids will discover learn an amazingly simple special drawing drawing effect.  In addition,  it will show how to draw a simple island surrounded by water.  This fun and easy drawing idea for kid will help kids generate their own creative drawing projects.  

Drawing Ideas for Kids #570: How to Draw Water

Once you can draw water, you can draw all kinds of creatures and objects climbing out of it.  The simple art idea in this lesson will help you unlock hundreds of great creative ideas that are just waiting to gush out!  This is a great starting spot that will help kids draw great cartoon water.    \

Drawing Ideas for Kids #569 How to Draw a Cartoon Tree

In this tutorial, kids of all ages will learn some quick drawing tips for cartoon trees.  These simple techniques can be used over and over again in all kinds of cartoon drawings.  This technique has a high success rate.  It really builds confidence in beginning artists.  It also allows kids to be creative and can lead to writing ideas for kids during writer's workshop.  Drawing ideas are a great way to get students writing.  Unlock their creativity with this fun and simple drawing activity.  

Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw Ice Cream

Do you want to be able to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Me, too!  This tutorial is filled with all the ice cream you can handle!  After one quick lesson, you'll be able to draw amazing ice cream.  You'll even be able to draw my favorite flavor: brussel sprouts and cream.  Yum! 

Drawing Ideas for Kids #568: How to Draw a Pig Nose

In this post, you'll learn some quick, helpful drawing ideas.  Today's drawing idea for kids is to learn how to create a pig nose.  Learning these simple steps will help artist tap into a world of new creative ideas.

Drawing Ideas for Kids: How to Draw an Animal Nose

This is an amazing little drawing tip on how to draw a simple animal nose that can lead to all kinds of amazing drawing ideas for kids.