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Drawing Ideas for Kids #22 How to Draw Lips

A student was showing me some of his amazing drawings the other day.  He had created some fantastic creatures and some one-of-a-kind worlds.  You could see that he was unlocking a whole world of creativity.  I was blown away.  

Drawing ideas for kids is about making drawing fun and carefree for kids.  Between the ages of 7-10, many students shut down artistically because they can't make realistic looking drawings, but art and drawings are needs.  Kids need an outlet for their creativity or it can dry up.  Drawing creatures and aliens is one way for students to have a more carefree attitude towards drawing.  Believe it or not, many students get scared of drawing when they are view themselves as unsuccessful at it.  These are ideas I use in the classroom that help get kids creating again.

With students taking more and more tests, the need to keep their spirits alive with drawing is greater than ever.  Drawing Ideas for Kids are classroom tested ideas that get kids drawing again.  The simple quick tips build confidence and success.  

Don't let someone steal your creativity from you.  Draw!  Draw!  Draw!  Here is a great quick art idea about drawing lips, tongues and faces.  Steal the trick and use it!

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At the beginning of the year, many of my students are worried that their artwork doesn't look realistic and they take it personally when their drawings don't look exactly like the real thing.  I've seen this have a huge effect on kids.  Sometimes they get so frustrated that they stop creating and label themselves as "unartistic"  or "not creative".  Recent research supports the power of art to help kids remember and learn new things.  All of the common core math, involves making drawings.  Drawing is important.  It is visual thinking.  It sets the mind free and unlocks creativity.  Kids should be encouraged to create. Cool Easy Drawing s for Apple Users One of the ways students can be encouraged is when their drawings look good.  It is amazing to see how kids treat other kids who can draw.  It is a great way for kids to make friends.  It is a sort of gateway that can help kids gain success in other areas.  Research on learning supports this. All

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If you can write your name, you can create cool drawings.  The drawing ideas on this page are failure-free and student tested.  Most of the drawing ideas can be done in less than two minutes, some of the drawings can be created in less than a minute. Students love these drawing ideas because it gets them started.  They are easy drawings, but they unlike the potential of the child.  Drawing is not about physical skill, after all, drawing a cartoon is no different than writing your name.  It is a bunch of circles, dots, squiggles and lines.  It is just seeing how those lines come together that is what helps kids to learn to draw and create.  These drawing lessons are meant to be doodled on paper.  You don't have to follow the tutorial exactly, that's why I took out the words.  Just watch and get a sense of how it works and then create.  When you find a drawing that you really like, spend more time adding details to that drawing.  Have fun with this cool drawing idea.