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Drawing Ideas That Kids Love: Great for Sketchbooks!

Here are some classroom tested drawing ideas that kids love!  They get weirder as the list gets longer.    1.  Draw a jelly doughnut fighting an onion bagel on top of a building.  The building should have three windows and a sign on it. 2. Draw a creature in a jar.  Draw the jar on a table.  Draw something strange eating dinner at the table.  The something strange should have a bib.  Draw a mashed potato volcano on the table. 3.  Draw a giant hand.  The hand should be picking up a car.  In the car draw a bunch of cows screaming or mooing.  You decide.  Add three other animals to the picture. 4.  Draw a giraffe taking a bubble bath.  Draw the bath tub in the middle of the ocean.  Draw sharks surrounding the bath tub.  Draw three other things swimming in the water. 5.  Draw a bicycle sneezing. 6.  Design a cereal box for  Sludgiee-Os. Include a drawing of the cereal, an ad for a free toy, and a happy child eating the cereal. 7.  Draw a carrot wearing a tuxedo. 8.  Dr