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COOL (level 1: easy) Drawing Ideas for Kids: How to Draw Endless Cute Animal Faces

If you are looking for drawing ideas, try this "flipped" drawing method. This drawing technique gives artists a step-by-step system for drawing cute animal faces. You can learn the method in a little more than a minute and this drawing trick will help you generate hundreds of ideas for your own cool animal faces.  This drawing method can be done anytime, anywhere. It is addicting! The only thing you need is a pencil and your imagination.  This is a great activity for the elementary classroom! If you are looking for a quick creativity break, check out the techniques in this video.  After you learn the technique, come back to learn how to unlock even more easy drawing ideas for cute animals! 
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The Best Easy TREE Drawing Ideas for Kids

 This is a super easy tree drawing tutorial. No talking. Nice shading. A little long.  This video is a cool drawing. It is a little long but it has a kid drawing right along side with the artist.  This is super easy. With just a marker!  This video is more advanced for drawing trees. It is just using pencil. Skip the beginning.  This video gives you a little picture of the drawing of the tree to show you what it is going to look like in the end. Cool and easy! If you are looking for something more advanced, here is a cool tree drawing tutorial. This video has a lot of detail but it is more for drawing realistic trees! 

How to draw trees for kids: Part 1

 Draw awesome trees in seconds with these two simple tricks! You'll never draw trees the same way again!

Cool Easy DRAWING IDEA for Kids: Perfect for REMOTE LEARNING

A Great FREE TOOL for REMOTE Learning online! Draw amazing things without a stylus, graphics tablet or skill through the power of Artificial Intelligence thats kind of dumb! Dumb AI but fun for awesome art projects! This is a great drawing idea for kids! It is a great digital drawing tool for school projects! It can be great to help students draw diagrams for science, math, Social Studies and more. It is great for teachers to use in synchronous learning either remotely or in person. It works great for Google Slide presentations or other Google related products.

Best Websites for Studying...Unexpected Results!

This post blends over 15 years of teaching experience, 20 years of cartooning and 10 years of classroom research about how drawing can help you to double, triple or even quadruple your studying speed. Although this blog is usually devoted to helping kids draw silly cartoons, in this post I would like to show how silly drawings can help kids get better grades in school and have more fun doing it!  If you are a parent who dreads trying to get your child to study or you are a student who hates to study.  You may have been searching for a drawing idea, but today you might discover what I wished I had discovered thirty years ago. How to Use DRAWING to GET BETTER GRADES and IMPROVE TEST Scores! The research is in!  If you are looking to learn things, the best website for studying is right here, but it is not going to be dull or boring!  It is researched-based, and it works. What is it?  Drawing!  That's right drawing.  Did you know you can turn your dull boring homework into an

Art Ideas for Kids Who Don't Have Art Supplies At Home!!!

Being at home without art supplies can make it difficult for students to do cool art projects.  But, there is an answer! If your students are on Google , there are millions of drawing ideas for kids using just Google Slides .   That's right, ANYONE CAN DRAW LIKE A  PRO with Google Slides.   Cool Things to Draw with Google Slides... Lesson 1 : The Shape Tool Lesson 2: Grouping Shapes in Google Slides Google slides is great for drawing.  It has more features and power than Google Drawing.  In my opinion, you should avoid using Google Drawing and go right to Google Slides.  In Lesson 2, we you'll learn how to group shapes using Google Slides.  It is an important step if you are looking to draw some cool easy things with Google slides.