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Drawing Ideas: Easy Cool Drawing #3

Many of my students love to add these drawings to their sketch books.  Don't let their simplicity fool you.  Kids do amazing things with these ideas.  These super easy drawings give them a creative springboard.  After the student feels successful they start to modify and change the drawing in crazy ways. Apple users click here!

Cool Easy Drawings

At the beginning of the year, many of my students are worried that their artwork doesn't look realistic and they take it personally when their drawings don't look exactly like the real thing.  I've seen this have a huge effect on kids.  Sometimes they get so frustrated that they stop creating and label themselves as "unartistic"  or "not creative".  Recent research supports the power of art to help kids remember and learn new things.  All of the common core math, involves making drawings.  Drawing is important.  It is visual thinking.  It sets the mind free and unlocks creativity.  Kids should be encouraged to create. Cool Easy Drawing s for Apple Users One of the ways students can be encouraged is when their drawings look good.  It is amazing to see how kids treat other kids who can draw.  It is a great way for kids to make friends.  It is a sort of gateway that can help kids gain success in other areas.  Research on learning supports this. All

Cool Easy Drawings

A new school year is underway for me.  I get a lot of students who think they can't draw.  At the beginning of the year, I like to show students how easy it is to create cartoons.  It gets them excited, but, more importantly, it gets their creative juices flowing for writing time. I thought that I would share some of these cool easy drawings.  They are super easy for kids to do or for teachers to draw with kids.  The make great transition activities for kids.  If you find them helpful, comment and I'll post more! I've got hundreds of drawing idea tricks for kids, if you need something, comment and I'll add the drawing idea to the blog.  I hope you find this useful. APPLE USERS CLICK HERE!