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Drawing Ideas for kids: Draw an Alien a day to...

Being stuck here has its down side, I'll probably be eaten soon, but hey, I have a lot of time and paper. I've gotten pretty good at drawing cool things. It just takes time and a guard with three arms poking you in the back with a really large fork.  If you are looking for easy things to draw, just look around you.  Take me for example, I am surrounded by ugly ALIENS.  I just have to look up to see something cool to draw.  This is the only way I can get my message out there, so... I am starting an online drawing school to help others be able to draw them before they get here. I am pretty sure that I can learn enough about them to help save the world through these step-by-step drawings.  These online art classes will not only hep save your life... they will help you draw awesome aliens. I call it the alien of the day. As often as they let me doodle, I will be sending out information to the world through my "online art course".  Luckily, they can't

Drawing Ideas for Kids

Here are some great drawing ideas for kids.  Check out these videos with great drawing ideas.