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Drawing Ideas for Kids: How to Make a Mean Fruit Punch in Less Than Two Minutes

I didn't show the picture for this tutorial on purpose.  It is a surprise.  Kids love drawing ideas like this!  If you don't laugh at probably have a good sense of humor.  If you do laugh at this drawing idea for're probably a kid! 

Drawing Ideas for Kids # How to Draw Cartoon People

Students love learning how to draw these quick and easy cartoon faces.  After learning these tips students in my class get lots of other ideas for drawings.  The i deas will sizzle through your brain as you learn this quick and easy tips.  If you can write your name, you can learn to draw cartoon characters.   In this video, I focus on how to draw angry eyes.  If you enjoy it, please click "like".  If you want to learn how to draw any thing specific, leave a comment.    

Drawing Ideas for Kids #30 How to Draw Aliens

There is nothing better for young artists than drawing aliens.  Because no one has ever seen an alien (except me), there is never a bad drawing of an alien.  Kids in my class love these quick and easy how to draw an alien tutorials.  They love the creativity of drawing creatures that have never been seen.  These are a great way for the classroom teacher to use art to get students writing.  There are a lot of great drawing ideas in this tutorial.   Drawing Ideas for Kids gives kids little drawing tips and ideas to unlock their creativity.  These drawing ideas for kids have been tested in the classroom over a 14 year period.   These drawing ideas for kids work to help kids learn to read and write.  Although, I teach in the regular classroom.  I am really seeing the value of using art to get kids motivated to read and write at an early age.  I have a kindergartner, a 3 year old and a 2 year old.  I don't push drawing on them, but I draw with them and here are some of the re

Drawing Ideas for Kids: Build a Tree House

It is so much fun to draw tree houses.  Draw a tree house (watch the video for ideas).  Next, write a story about the person or creature who lives in your tree house.  If you are looking for an advanced drawing idea, draw two tree houses on the same page, or draw a neighborhood of tree houses. This is a very easy drawing to make.  Start with this easy drawing.  Fuzzles are furry.  Fuzzles are fun.   Fuzzles eat blueberries, one by one. Fuzzles live in houses made from trees. Fuzzles walk funny because they don't have knees. 

Drawing Ideas for Kids: How to Draw Aliens Under ATTACK!

Make Your Class Laugh: 1. Ask your teacher for a tack. 2. Hold the tack over your head. 3. Yell, "Help!  I am under attack!" Words that have two meanings can lead to some funny drawing ideas.  In this drawing ideas for kids tutorial, you'll learn how to draw a silly picture that will make your friends laugh.   After you learn the joke, you can draw your own funny things under "ATTACK"!