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Drawing Ideas for Kids: Creativity Exercise

I have been teaching for almost 15 years, and I have noticed something in my students: creativity is dying.  Students are being bombarded by tests, textbooks, video games, computers, homework, and more.  They don't spend enough time dreaming.  Creativity is a muscle.  It needs to be exercised.  If you are looking for amazing drawing ideas, you shouldn't look to a list or a book, but you should start doodling, start dreaming. I would like to make this blog a little more useful for readers.   I plan on updating it with a special course that I teach my students that helps them come up with their own crazy drawing ideas.  It is a course in creativity!  It will show you how to start with some basic shapes that anyone can draw and turn them into amazing ideas for games, stories, books, or toys, but, most importantly, they will help you become creative.   I am  new to blogging, but if you are up for the adventure, stay tuned.  In the meantime, I will be posting some random dra

Drawing Ideas for Kids: NO Fail Drawing Idea

If you are bored and looking for drawing ideas, this is a fun activity for kids of all ages.  It is a super easy drawing idea for kids and it can be used over and over again to create great backgrounds for cartoons, movies, animations and more. I love drawing cartoons and this is a super drawing idea to help kids build confidence.  It is a great doodle activity too.  You'll get addicted to drawing landscapes like this. Instead of random drawing ideas for kids, I will soon be posting links to a course that gives kids tips that lead to amazing drawing ideas.  It is in progress.  Thanks for visiting.  You may also like the site I am building  Stay tuned for the world's best puppet course. Click here if you are on an apple device!

Make Your Own Stylus with Root BEER

If you have a iPad, tablet, iPod or any other touch screen device, you may want to draw using a stylus instead of your finger.  Did you know it only takes a few minutes to create an amazing stylus? Warning!  This needs adult supervision. This isn't the typical drawing ideas for kids tutorial.  In this video, I'll show you how to turn an ordinary soda can into an amazing drawing tool for the iPad or other touchscreen devices.  It is super easy and free.  Kids can then use the homemade stylus to create digital drawings. If you are looking for a drawing idea for kids: try drawing a mug of root beer using YOUR new cool stylus. For more check out...

Drawing Ideas for Kids: CRAYON ART

If you are looking for a cool fun activity for kids and a great drawing idea, kids can create this cool GROSS text with just crayons.  Crayon art is easy, fun and looks amazing when done correctly.  Here you'll see how to use crayons to create a cool dripping letter effect.   This is a great drawing idea anytime of the year but it works really well for scary Halloween art.  This tutorial is live action, so I hope you like it.  I am also getting ready to share some other great activities for kids.  You can find these at .  Check make to discover how to make puppets better than muppets.   I hope you enjoy this drawing idea for kids.  Here's another idea.  Switch colors and try it with your name.