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Fun Cool Things to Draw: Aliens

CoolTHINGStoDRAW.COM I will be adding some super easy drawing tutorials to my easy online drawing school.  One super easy thing to try that will give beginning artists a lot of cool drawing ideas is to just repeat a simple pattern over and over again. In this video, all that I am drawing to create this cool alien is some circles and some Cs.  So if you can draw circles or Cs, you can draw this cool thing.  The best part about it is if you give this drawing a try you can use the same techniques to create thousands of other awesome alien drawings.  I will be posting how I create more of these cool things to draw in later posts.  Check back if you are looking for some cool pictures to draw because you won't find any drawing classes online that are any easy or more fun than this.  Good luck and if this helps you to create a cool alien please send me a picture so I can show it on this website. If you like drawing this awesome alien, there is a great resource by the world fam

TEN Forgotten Links for COOL DRAWING IDEAS

If you want some cool things to draw, one of the best things to do is to get inspired by looking at the work of great artists!  This is a list of some of the coolest kid-friendly children's book illustrators and artists whose work might inspire your creative side.  Read and grab your doodle book, these are bound to give you some ideas for cool things to draw. #1  Quentin Blake If you are a fan of Roald Dahl, you will know this illustrator well.  His name is Quentin Blake.  His fun sketchy drawings just fit perfectly with the writing of Roald Dahl.  He has a cool drawing book and some cool drawing ideas on his website.   Click here to get some drawing ideas. #2 Todd Parr I love the colorful work of this artist.  Anyone can create artwork like this!  It has to inspire the reluctant artist!   Click here for drawing ideas from this artist. #3 Stephan Gammel This artist is amazing.  Here he talks about his studio.   Click here for drawing thoughts from this artist. #4 Chris