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Drawing Ideas for Kids #41 How to Draw a Flag

This is a great drawing idea for kids because it is useful in so many other drawings.  This builds instant confidence in students who don't think they can draw.  Warning:  Once you start drawing these doodles, you won't be able to stop.  Stay tuned to learn the easy trick to adding 3-d letter to the flag to make it a little fancier.  I hope you find something useful in the tutorial.  Please subscribe or email if you like the drawing tutorials.

How to Draw Cartoon People

Drawing cartoon people is a great activity for kids.  Between the ages of seven and 11 students start getting apprehensive about their art work.  They want their artwork to look like something.  Often, kids who can't seem to make things look realistic shut down and even stop drawing altogether.  This is bad for students.  Students need to express their ideas. Cartooning with kids is a great way to build their confidence and to continue the artistic exploration in young children.  The tutorials that are here are specifically chosen because they are easy, and they build confidence in young artists.  Drawing cartoon people is a great way to keep kids drawing.

Drawing Ideas for Kids #50 How To Draw an Amazing Alien in Less Than 2 Minutes

My students favorite drawing tutorials are the ones that are easy and fun to do.  I really like this drawing, and my students do too.  They are amazed at how easy it is to draw cool looking creatures and aliens.  This drawing idea for kids really gets them thinking: it is a head-scratcher. My students always ask who is doing the scratching.  Check it out!  This is a great art project for kids.  Kids will learn the basic techniques of drawing and then they will run with them.  Check this drawing tutorial out.  It is fun and easy.

Drawing Ideas for Kids # 578: How to Draw a Landscape in Two Minutes

The students in my class love when I show them how to draw quick and easy landscapes.  They take these drawing ideas, and they let their imaginations run wild.  Kids today need to create more than ever.  This drawing idea builds confidence in artists. In a cartooning class I teach after school, I had students in grades 1-5 drawing their own versions of this at the same time.  It was a huge success. If you are a teacher or parent, try showing your kid this little trick.  This is a great drawing idea for kids.  I like to encourage the students who are drawing to make a lot of mistakes.