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Best Websites for Studying...Unexpected Results!

This post blends over 15 years of teaching experience, 20 years of cartooning and 10 years of classroom research about how drawing can help you to double, triple or even quadruple your studying speed.

Although this blog is usually devoted to helping kids draw silly cartoons, in this post I would like to show how silly drawings can help kids get better grades in school and have more fun doing it!  If you are a parent who dreads trying to get your child to study or you are a student who hates to study.  You may have been searching for a drawing idea, but today you might discover what I wished I had discovered thirty years ago.


The research is in!  If you are looking to learn things, the best website for studying is right here, but it is not going to be dull or boring!  It is researched-based, and it works.

What is it?  Drawing!  That's right drawing.  Did you know you can turn your dull boring homework into an exciting drawing game that will be fun and help you to remember almost anything, instantly, with no hours of studying?  You can use Cool Easy Drawings to Help Double or Even Triple Test Scores or Cut Your Study Time by 75%!

Drawing Ideas for Kids: Use Art To Learn More!

Why is a Drawing Website The Best Website for Studying?

This website is the best site for studying because it will show you how to unlock your total brain.  Typically, school assignments focus on abstract material that you can not connect to, memorizing and spitting back information, which at times can be dull.  Your brain can not remember dull, boring or things that you have not made a connection to.  I'll simplify over 5 years of studying brain research for you.  The brain learns by making connections and the stronger the connection the quicker and better your brain will learn and retain what you learn.  Your brain doesn't remember dull things.  Your brain will remember exciting things, outrageous things, or things that you create and connect to, but it will not remember boring things.

Example, the math fact that no student ever forgets and why they never forget it.

Have you tried to study spelling words by writing them over and over again, but still spelled them wrong on the test?  Have you spent hours and hours studying but failed because you couldn't remember the meaning of a definition?  Well, maybe it's not you, maybe it is the way you are studying, and if you have found this website, chances are you like to draw.  Congratulations!  You are ready to use the best website for studying that there is... in the next three posts.  I will give you great drawing ideas for studying.

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If you are looking for cool drawing ideas for beginners.  This learn to sketch video will show you how to draw a cool face in less than a minute.  Cool things to draw are everywhere.  Get some paper and take my two minute online drawing class.  You don't need any special skills, just some scrap paper and a marker. This is a part of my easy things to draw on one piece of paper series.  I hope it helps everyone to learn to draw online.  My students are always saying, "Teach me to DRAW!" These drawing lessons are quick and easy and perfect for beginning artists.  This is a great art lesson for kids.  It will show them step by step how to draw and quick and easy cartoon face. Click here if you are on an iPod or iPhone!

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Cool Easy Drawings

At the beginning of the year, many of my students are worried that their artwork doesn't look realistic and they take it personally when their drawings don't look exactly like the real thing.  I've seen this have a huge effect on kids.  Sometimes they get so frustrated that they stop creating and label themselves as "unartistic"  or "not creative".  Recent research supports the power of art to help kids remember and learn new things.  All of the common core math, involves making drawings.  Drawing is important.  It is visual thinking.  It sets the mind free and unlocks creativity.  Kids should be encouraged to create. Cool Easy Drawing s for Apple Users One of the ways students can be encouraged is when their drawings look good.  It is amazing to see how kids treat other kids who can draw.  It is a great way for kids to make friends.  It is a sort of gateway that can help kids gain success in other areas.  Research on learning supports this. All