Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Art Ideas for Kids Who Don't Have Art Supplies At Home!!!

Being at home without art supplies can make it difficult for students to do cool art projects.  But, there is an answer!

If your students are on Google, there are millions of drawing ideas for kids using just Google Slides.  

 Cool Things to Draw with Google Slides...

Lesson 2: Grouping Shapes in Google Slides

Google slides is great for drawing.  It has more features and power than Google Drawing.  In my opinion, you should avoid using Google Drawing and go right to Google Slides.  In Lesson 2, we you'll learn how to group shapes using Google Slides.  It is an important step if you are looking to draw some cool easy things with Google slides.


Lesson 3: 

Goes a little deeper into using the shape tool to add some amazing things to your designs and drawings in Google Slides.  If you are teacher, student or artist, this lesson will show you the power of using the shape tool inside of Google Slides.