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The Creativity Project: Teaching Strategies for the Classroom

If you are looking for cool drawing ideas that spark creativity, one of the best activities is the Creativity Project Classroom Framework activity.

The Creativity Project classroom protocol is a structure that teaching strategy that can be used in the classroom to help students flex their creative muscles.  Creativity is a skill that improves with practice.  The Creativity project protocol is an engaging way to motivate students to be creative.

This project is one of the best ways to get students drawing and writing.  If you are looking for great drawing ideas for kids, this activity is amazing for generating ideas and energy!  It will also help teachers to get a good sense of what motivates students and helps teachers to build rapport with students.

The project works at any grade, and once students learn the protocol it can be used over and over throughout the school year to bring creativity into all subjects.

The great thing about the Creativity Project classroom project is that it goes beyond just giving kids ideas for drawings.  The drawing ideas generated by the project are really useful to engage students in reading and writing activities without them even realizing it.

I work with a lot of teachers and one of the biggest complaints I hear is that students won't write.  Using this Creativity Project Framework helps build the intrinsic love of creating in the classroom.

The Creativity Project protocol can also be used if you are the kind of teacher who is looking to give students more academic freedom.  I have used it for almost two decades in the classroom and it works great if you are looking to incorporate more free choice learning into your classroom.

The Creativity Project activity is simple but powerful.  It starts in a way designed to reach the most reluctant students in your class.  Here is how...

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