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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Drawing Ideas (EASY SECRETS that WORK): Create an Awesome Character!

Welcome, this site is designed to be an online art course.  Each post, will have a drawing idea or technique that you can follow.  Put the drawing ideas together and  you will create your own art course.

The secret drawing ideas listed are so simple that you will not believe they work, but if you try this you will get amazing drawing ideas.

If you follow all the instructions below, I guarantee that you will create your own one-of-a-kind awesome cartoon character.  Follow these drawing ideas, in this order and you'll be amazed by what happens.

Warning: This is the most amazing drawing idea in the world, but...

it WILL NOT work if you do not follow ALL the instructions.

If you cheat, you might draw something good, but...

you will not discover how to draw something amazing!

First, find scrap paper to draw on.  Use the backs of any papers that are going to be thrown out.  


This is important, tell yourself that you are going to throw your drawing away.  I know this sounds crazy, but no matter how good it is, no matter how much you love it, you must throw it away.

Start by drawing some circle eyes.

Next, draw a nose.

Next, draw a head.
Next, draw a body.  

Next, add details.

Spend time with your drawing.  When you think you are finished drawing, spend 5 more minutes adding stuff to your drawing.  Keep drawing until there is no white.  Fight the white.  When you think that drawing is done, spend 5 more minutes drawing even more.  

Now, look at your drawing and pick your favorite thing about it.

Start a new drawing by drawing your favorite thing from the old drawing, maybe its the eyes or the nose or the ears or the shape of the body.

Keep the things you like and change every thing else.  If you like the head, try it on 20 other different bodies.  If you like the body, try 20 different heads.
Whatever makes you smile about your drawing, whatever it is that you "discovered"  draw that again and change everything else.

Repeat the steps above.

If you follow these drawing ideas, I promise you will create an AWESOME character.

Stay tuned for seeing this technique in action in my online art school.  I will show you all the cool easy things you can draw using some very simple drawing techniques.  It is easy to learn to draw and this is a great class for beginning artists.

The techniques in the class are tested in the classroom.