Have fun drawing without being able to draw!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Drawing Ideas: Epic Landscapes You can Draw in Minutes

One of my favorite drawing ideas for kids is drawing cartoon landscapes.  It is easy, fun and failure free.  It gets my students imaginations cranked up.  Once students learn a few of the super easy drawing techniques, students are off and running creating their own cool things to draw.

When I teach an after school drawing classes, these drawing lessons are very popular.  After taking my mini-drawing course, students always run with this project and create their own cool easy to draw landscapes.

Here are some simple videos of how to do a landscape in less than two minutes.  You have to try it.  Once you learning this drawing idea you can create hundreds of your own.

If you are interested in getting this workbook full of drawing ideas to make more EPIC landscapes, just subscribe and I will send it to you for FREE.

These were some test tutorials.  I am working on creating more polished online drawing classes that will show you how to create amazing 3d artwork quickly and easily.  This online art school will be free.  It will be a great way for beginning artists to learn some solid drawing skills.  Stay tuned for this online drawing school.  

The drawing classes in this online drawing school will have both easy to draw landscapes and more advanced but easy drawing tutorials.