Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cool Easy things to Draw That INSPIRE creativity

If you are looking to help your child or student be more creative, to be able to draw cool things, you should try drawing with them.  Drawing is a crucial part of learning.  Kids learn to draw before they learn to write.  Drawing helps kids build fine motor skills that are essential for school success.  So, how can you get your child drawing more?  Try these cool easy things to draw with your child.  

First, set aside some creative time to draw with your child, just like you would set aside time to read with your child.  Don't worry if you think you can't draw, kids love when you draw in front of them.  Try putting them on your lap and creating a picture together, you'll be amazed at the learning that takes place.  With older children, here is a great drawing idea that any parent can try that will get your child excited about writing and creating a story.

Draw a monster or creature and challenge your child to draw something that can defeat your monster or creature.  Take turns, after your child draws one thing, draw something that connects to their cool drawing.  The more you promote the importance of being creative, the more your child will use art as a way to express himself.  I have three sons and they all play through drawing.  Name your creatures and soon you and your child will be creating a story.  You'll soon find that your child wants to start writing to go along with the cool things they have draw.  

I highly suggest having a stack of scrap paper always available in the house.  You'll be amazed at what they create.  My son is super interested in the Revolutionary War, so he is creating pictures to help his understanding.  He now researches the uniforms of the soldiers and reads about the battles to help make his drawings more accurate.  Drawing is no small matter.  It is promotes learning.  These are all great drawing ideas for kids.  Find more articles about the power of drawing to promote learning at

My youngest son has also got into the act.  He is four and starting to draw Revolutionary War soldiers too.  He doesn't know it, but he is already learning history, vocabulary, problem solving and more.  It is a great idea to draw with your children.  I promise you it will help them to learn in ways you never thought possible.

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