Have fun drawing without being able to draw!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Easy Things to Draw Hack!

Are you looking for some easy things to draw?  Don't search around for step-by-step drawing tutorials check out my FREE online drawing school HACK!  In about 30 minutes, I will show you how to create some amazing 3-d DRAWINGS using this one-of-a-kind DRAWING hack.  Once I reveal this cool things to draw technique to my students they can't stop drawing and the students in my classes are blown away by how they can INSTANTLY draw cool things that impress their friends.

It is not ready yet!  Thanks to student feedback on my first online drawing courses, I am spending more time making sure the quality of the tutorials is better,so everyone can have success and see how easy it is to draw in 3d when you use this crazy drawing hack!  I can't wait to show this online.  School is about to start and it is one of the first things I teach in school.  Click here to learn more!

This is an easy online art school that is fun!  You won't believe this hack.  It all revolves around drawing paper that is not drawing paper at all!

Not only will kids learn how to draw some amazing 3-d drawings, but they will also learn some super important math terms.  This lesson is great for spatial awareness and geometry, but it is the 3D art lesson that students have the most fun with.  If you are looking for some easy things to draw that guarantee success, check this website periodically to see if the cool thing to draw step by step is ready!

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