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Cool Easy things to Draw: One-of-a-kind Drawing Adventure/ Online Drawing Courses

The summer is here and I am ready to reveal the most amazing way ever for students to get drawing ideas.  It is like no other online drawing class or tutorial on the web.  If you are a beginner looking to learn how to draw or an experienced artist looking to brainstorm new ideas, you've come to the right place.  You will unlock talent you never knew you had.  This is great for beginning artists, but it is great for anyone who wants to explore something I invented called a drawing map.

The drawing map that goes with this super easy drawing will lead you through an online drawing class that has had proven success for hundreds of students.

drawing ideas for kids
Online Drawing Classes, Cool things to Draw, Drawing Ideas for Kids and more!
 The most amazing thing about these online drawing classes is that they take only a few minutes to master and they are failure free.  Kids love these cool easy things to draw so much I reserve them for school days that I know that I need an engaging lesson to focus students.

Teachers will love learning how to draw cartoons step by step right along with their students.  All teachers should using drawing in the classroom.  It enhances memory and increases test scores.

You can find some of my most popular drawing ideas on Cool Things to Draw.

Even if you don't want to play the drawing game and you just want a simply drawing idea for kids. This video will show you how to draw this cute character in less than two minutes.   Click the video below.

Great news!  The simple nose and mouth you learned how to draw in the quick version of my online art classes can be used over and over again to create more unique and wonderful drawing ideas.  The cool easy thing to draw below is linked to the one above.  This drawing idea is based on keeping the nose and the mouth and changing the eyes and teeth.  Very quickly students learn how to create wonderful variations of these cool easy things to draw.  It will be super powerful when students can take the art skills that they have learned from these quick two minute online art classes and use those skills to do better in school, to increase their memory and to cut studying time dramatically.  All of these things can be done using the simple brain-based ways that anyone can learn at my website COOL THINGS TO DRAW!

funny drawings

Also, if you are interested other styles for online art classes you might want to check out this link.  Once you try my simple drawings, you might be interested in these other styles.  

Also, if you are looking for drawing ideas it can be a good idea to look at some of the old master artists for inspiration.  The greatest artists of all time doodled.  

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